Caution!!! Paul Reilly and his company "Media Skunk Works" steal their customers' money

Paul Reilly

If you are looking for a company that will promote your site and make SEO job?
you must read this first!

In 2014 we started working with "Media Skunk Works" to promote our site.

We paid a lot of money (about £ 60,000) and received a lot of promises from the owner Paul Reilly.

At first, company employees were available and worked. But, Within a short time, they stopped working on the site and did not respond to emails.

After more then 3 years, Zero Results !!! And the site did not progress according to any measurable index.

Paul Reilly, the company manager, disappeared for months, and did not answer the emails at all.
After many Emails Paul Reilly returned to us and apologized, explaining that he was in a difficult period and would now he will give us the service we paid for.

But right after that, he and his employees disappeared again for weeks and did not respond to emails and ignored our emails and ours needs.

Despite the huge ammount of money we paid, and despite the fact that they committed to doing work and SEO activities, the company headed by Paul simply get up and refuse to do the work or return the money.

No matter how professional they looks like, and no matter what a nice and likable Paul Reilly is in emails or phone calls.
Watch out !!! Because if you fall into their trap, your money will disappear, and you will not get anything.

We, AY ONLINE Ltd, fell into the trap, and "MediaSkunkWorks" and Paul Reilly the owners stole a lot of money from us.

At least we hope that this warning will prevent the others from falling into this trap.

If you have any questions or you too have fallen into the trap and Paul Reilly has stolen money for you too,
Contact us: [email protected]