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MoneyGram is not an e-wallet or credit card but a global money transfer service available as a payment option at some online casinos.


 Players can credit their accounts instantly and start playing real money games without the hassles of long waiting periods. It is one of the convenient options available to players who reside in the United States, which are currently truly short of choices to fund their casino accounts. MoneyGram has been in service for over two decades, making it one of the most reliable sources to deposit money in your online casino account, similar to Western Union.

MoneyGram promises 10 minute transfers with low fees and great exchange rates. One of the major benefits is you don’t have to open any account although you need to go to a MoneyGram outlet in some cases. However, it is possible to fund your casino account online. When using the service all you need is to produce some form of identity and you can send or receive money. To fund your MoneyGram account you can visit one of the MoneyGram outlets in your country and pay cash. Alternatively, you can choose to make a payment online via a credit card or ACH checks. Most of the funding options are popular with other eWallets and third-party payment processors.

The amount of fee involved depends on the amount of money sent. Details of the fee structure are available on the MoneyGram website. It is prudent to check the costs involved prior to making any online casino deposit since it may not make good financial sense in some cases. However, one of the biggest advantages is that there are not many limitations or restrictions. You can send money to anywhere in the world with up to $20,000 or more, depending on the country and other conditions.

There are over 400 MoneyGram outlets within the United States, which makes it most convenient for many online casino players in the country. When you want to deposit money in your casino account, you have the option to visit the nearest MoneyGram store, fill out the details and they will wire the funds to the casino of your choice. Once the casino receives the money they will credit the money directly into your account. The processing time is usually not more than a couple of hours. Sending funds attracts a service fee which varies according to the amount sent. When using the option to withdraw funds from a casino, many of them waive the fee for withdrawals above a specific limit, which is usually $100 or more.

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