Blast from the Past II: Crowning Moments of World Series of Blackjack 2006

We have talked about how tournaments are an exciting format for playing blackjack. As a tournament player you have to be at the top of your game, regardless of whichever game it is the tournament is about. This is true about blackjack too. When you are participating in a blackjack tournament you have to play your best game forward – you have to be at your best whenever you play, but a tournament is always that much more different. You need to outthink and out-strategize your opponents. Only then is it possible to win.

As the number of players started narrowing down and you are almost at the home stretch, the tension is that much higher and the focus has to be that much more. One small mistake can be the difference between losing and being crowned the champion. And then there is that great leveler called Lady Luck too; you desperately need her by your side to come out unscathed. You may strategize all you want, but the luck of the draw plays a big role always.

This video is about the final moments of World Series of Blackjack 2006. The tension is so high you can cut it with a knife, as the three remaining players battle it out for the honors. One is on the verge of greatness and the other two are desperately looking to nudge him aside. Who wins? Watch this engrossing video to know.

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